Steve Haines

Steve Haines (1980-Present) was a main character in Grand Theft Auto V. He later appeared in GTA VI, as a playable protagonist and is Michael's deuteragonist.


Haines is a highly decorated and dedicated FIB agent, who is committed to protecting the city of Los Santos and is very loyal to his superiors. He is also the host of a TV show called The Underbelly Of Paradise, where he makes reports on gang activity and the overall criminal underworld of Los Santos.

During 2013Edit

In 2013, Haines and Norton was forced to work with Hayes by using Norton's influence to force Michael De Santa, Trevor Philips, and Franklin Clinton to aid him in Haye's plans to sabotage the IAA's operations and thus secure more government funding for his own agency. The first of these plans involves kidnapping Ferdinand Karimov, an IAA prisoner/informant and getting information out of him to kill a suspected terrorist.

Under Steve's orders, the protagonists hijack a security van containing IAA money; rob a corrupt bank in order to obtain funds to raid an IAA compound and steal an experimental neurotoxin and break into the FIB building to steal compromising information about Hayes.

Haines later went to internal affairs by trying to have Hayes apprehended and arrested for his heinous crimes. This cause Hayes to betray Haines, Norton and Michael by trying to have them arrested, but this fails when separate groups consisting of IAA agents, rival FIB operatives and a Merryweather battalion arrive and a massive three-way shootout breaks out, during which Hayes escapes, leaving Haines, Michael and Norton behind to die, only for them to be rescued by Trevor.

Haines later aids Michael into assassinating Hayes in the Los Santos International Airport which proved to be successful. After the events of the game, Haines later part ways with Michael on good terms.

During GTA VIEdit

Taken place about one year after the events of GTA V, Haines was promoted to Special Agent In-Charge in the Federal Investigation Bureau and was later contacted by Michael to join his heist crew. He was also tasked by FIB Deputy Director to keep an eye on Trevor since he will betray Michael at all time.

Special AbilityEdit

Steve’s special ability is to become cloaked, which disguises him almost completely from enemies. Steve’s ability becomes less useful when sprinting, and recharges when out of sight.

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