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These are the missions given to the protagonist of GTA VI

2014 Chapter IEdit

All Ending Protagonists: Michael, Franklin and Steve Haines

Opening Missions:

Michael and Franklin - Drive Franklin to Vinewood Hills and then Michael's mansion, where you will be contacted by mafia boss Henry Deus. (Unlock Michael and Franklin as playable characters)

Los Santos premier - Tour Los Santos

Richards Majestics - Pick-up your family and then attend a interview in Vinewood Plaza. (Michael only)

Agent Haines - Drive to Grove Street and apprehend Ballas Leader Harold Kane Lector. (Unlock Steve as a playable character)

Fast and Furious - Race both Lamar and Hao in a street race.

Henry Deus:

Protagonist: Michael De Santa

Mile High Club - Pick up some weapons for Henry in order to provide backup for him in London, England and then meet up with Franklin in Michael's mansion.

Safehouse - Go to the safehouse near East Los Santos, where you can make the exchange for drugs where you can ship them to Deus.

Ascension - Pick up Franklin and then go to the airport to fly from Los Santos to London England.

Protagonist: Franklin Clinton

Fear the Repo - Repossess a car

Hooked Up - Tow a utility truck from the construction site

Heavy Duty - meet up with Michael and the ending characters and then kill Jacob Manson.

Dave Norton:

Protagonist: Steve Haines

Persona Non Grata - Apprehend Cartel drug dealer Menendez and send him to the LSPD Police headquarters to take him in for questioning

Black Tuesday - Take Menendez to the FIB Headquarters and have him interrogated.

Hunter Killer - Assassinate Triads leader Huang Lee under orders from FIB Director.

Courier Service - Travel to London, England to search for Michael and Franklin.


New City, Same Life - Tour London (Michael, Franklin and Steve)

Protagonist: Michael

The Exchange - Pick Franklin and then make the weapons deal to the British Mafia.

Mr Bellic - Meet Niko Bellic. (Unlock Niko Bellic as a playable character)

Family Buisness - survive the attack from Backe's gangsters

Niko Bellic

Protagonists - Michael, Franklin, Steve and Niko Bellic.

Protagonist - Niko Bellic

Bellic Industries - Pick up Little Jacob from the Airport.

Franchising the Enterprise - Meet with the press and mayor of London City. 

It's Your Funeral - Drive Little Jacob to a meeting with the London Triads.

Protagonist: Michael De Santa

Package Day - Deliever the drugs to Tobias Backle.

Protagonist: Franklin Clinton

The Deal - Meet with Little Jacob and then go to the warehouse to meet with Pacco Diaz.

Protagonist: Steve Haines

Shock and Awe - Assassinate Tobias Backe.

Reunion - Meet up with Michael, Franklin and Niko.

Road to Liberty - Escape the remnants of Backe's thugs and head to the airport.

Liberty City

Liberty City Stories - Tour Liberty City.

Abarca Family - Meet Mafia boss Donatello Abarca and right hand Bonnie Abarca to exchange the weapons to them (Unlock Don and Bonnie as playable characters).

Protagonists: Don and Bonnie

Massioniate 09 - Pick up Michael and drive him to the night club (Don only)

Slician Gambit - Go to the street near Bohan and kill Antonio Slician (Don only)

Shock and Awe - Kidnap Yusif Amir and bring him to Don (Bonnie only)

The Price is Right - Kill Phil Bell (Don only)

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