Henry Deus (1970-Present) is a playable character and the main antagonist in Grand Theft Auto VI. He is Michael's main antagonist to be more exact and the mastermind behind the events of the story.


Henry suffers from asthma as illustrated throughout the game (though is dexterous enough to cope with an armed robber at a convenience store and survive a shoot-out with several men). Depending on the player's choices, Henry has the potential to a kindle a relationship with Bonnie Abarca. It is also revealed when Bonnie offers him a cigarette, Henry tells her, "No thanks, I quit," informing the player that he used to be a smoker.

Henry's persona consists of being quiet, organized, vigilant, and highly introverted, hardly ever talking about himself to others. Being someone who listens to others, methodical in work, straight-eyed, determined, and able to cope under pressure makes Scott Shelby an effective private investigator, allowing him to assess human behavior and perceive clues other people may miss.

His previous employment before becoming a P.I. was that of a police lieutenant for the local police force in Liberty City. Henry was also a corrupt police officer often abusing his power too much and was an undercover mole for his grandfather Jon Gravetti. 

During GTA VIEdit

In 2007-2008, then Lieutenant Henry Deus was working for various people such as Mikhail Faustin and Jon Gravetti. His prominent employer is Johnny Klebitz in whom he was betrayed. Henry later part ways with Johnny on bad terms and killed his grandfather Jon Gravetti in order to take complete control over the Gambetti Family and retired from the LCPD Police Department.

In 2014, Henry Deus, who is the Don of the Gambetti Family has become the most powerful mafia boss in Liberty City and has expanded his buisness in Los Santos and London, England. Henry is one of the first characters introduced in the game, giving Michael and Franklin the first missions.

Special AbilityEdit

Henry's ability is his intelligence, which he can trick enemies and lead them to the wrong direction. While using this ability, Henry can plan out strategies ahead of his enemies. With this ability, this makes him the most intelligent out of all the protagonists in GTA VI.

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